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Delivering Unrivaled Supply Chain Excellence Through Service, Quality and Safety at Competitive Costs

We’re proud that over 300 leading brands trust us daily to manage their supply chains safely and at multi-temperatures ranging from ambient to -55 Celsius. Our teams lead the way in operational excellence when it comes to sourcing, storing, planning, picking, packing, delivering, unpacking and recycling. We are equally skilled at speeding these physical processes by mastering how to connect data, analytics, and insights.

We build resilience into your supply chain

With a growing emphasis on building resilient supply chains, brands are making reliability, safety and quality top priorities. Our logistics team consistently delivers operational excellence by combining our global strengths with local expertise.

We master digital connections and insights

As businesses accelerate their use of digital technologies to improve supply chain processes, our suite of digital platforms and tools help you to streamline routine tasks, enhance data analysis, deliver detailed insights, inform decision making and mitigate risks.

We are creating pathways to greener supply chains

We have already demonstrated our commitment to cutting our carbon footprint by signing up to the Science Based Targets initiative. But our commitment doesn’t stop there as we continue to map out new pathways towards a more sustainable future.

Delivering the promise to global and local brands since 1974

With operations in over 45 countries, we excel at combining the strengths of local know-how and global expertise across a variety of industries and their temperature-sensitive products.

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We work with you to connect the physical and digital links in your supply chain

Our experts are on hand to work with you to connect the physical and digital links in your supply chain, ensuring your business performs competitively, sustainably – and safely.

Distribution and Warehousing

HAVI’s track record in delivering reliable, temperature-controlled logistics speaks for itself. Whether we are procuring goods on your behalf or managing your suppliers, we can buy, transport, store and deliver your chosen products while guaranteeing you the very highest standards of realiability, quality and safety.

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Analytics and Insights

HAVI makes sense of data to deliver the insights you need to make informed business decisions. Whether you are starting your digital journey or optimizing your data connections, we analyze history, formulate predictions, build scenarios, and plan for contingencies, helping you make the data-driven connections your supply chain thrives on.

Analytics and Insights

Planning and Visibility

HAVI’s planning and visibility capabilities are driven by a powerful combination of industry know-how and connecting data. Whether you are looking for the basics or a fully optimized inventory – we enable and manage ordering, promotions, limited-time offers, forecasting, and events so you can master the challenge of balancing supply and demand.

SC Product Tile Planning and Visibility

HAVIConnect Platform

HAVI is strongly positioned to connect your business with digital platforms that simplify, streamline and speed operations. Whether you need to place orders, manage promotions, make a claim, collaborate with colleagues or manage contingencies and events, we harness digital power to bring your in-store teams and supply chain partners together.

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Freight Management

HAVI’s freight management experts deliver thousands of customer shipments every day – reliably and safely. Whether you need to ship by road, rail, ocean or air, our specialist team moves your time- and temperature-sensitive products from A to B while meeting the highest standards of reliability, quality and safety.

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SC Product Tile Freight Management

Value-Adding Capabilities

HAVI has the expertise and experience to make our customers’ lives that bit easier – and more productive. Whether you need a customs specialist, invisible night-time deliveries, outsourced administrative or financial support, or someone to manage your in-store processes, our experts are here to step in with those value-adding extras.

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Recycling and Waste

HAVI’s commitment to sustainability is clearly demonstrated by the way we run our own operations. Whether you need to innovate through partnership, manage waste streams or bring transparency to your recycling and waste processes, we can manage, track, optimize, and report on waste flows to help you achieve your sustainability goals.

SC Product Tile Recycling and Waste

Mobile Apps

HAVI puts the power of digital in your pocket. Whether you need to work remotely, stay in control with regular updates, or spend more time on tasks that grow your business, we have the digital tools to help you simplify, streamline and speed your processes, whenever and wherever it matters.

SC Product Tile Mobile Apps
Digitize and simplify your store operations today with HAVIConnect

HAVIConnect saves you time and simplifies store operations by connecting your team with your supply chain partners across logistics processes – on desktop, tablet or handheld devices.

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Driving Ahead With the Circular Economy Revolution

In the Netherlands, McDonald’s and Neste are partnering with HAVI in an exciting new circular economy that is encouraging people to think and act differently about reusing and recycling waste. It’s a great example of how much businesses can achieve for the planet and its people through collaboration. Watch the video to learn more, or click below to read the full press release.

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Supply Chains Reimagined

As supply chain professionals, we are used to working behind the scenes most of the time. But in recent years, our industry has been thrust into the spotlight, where it will remain as brands and consumers learn about the little – and big – things that impact on them day in, day out. At HAVI, we understand that a resilient, digitally driven supply chain sector is fundamental to building a better planet and are well placed and proud to lead the conversation about the most effective ways for brands, consumers, regulators, and investors to rethink and value supply chains.

Supply Chains Reimagined

Global Reach, Local Know-How

With our global reach and local knowledge, we offer you the best of all worlds. Our local teams speak your language when it comes to understanding the unique factors that define your particular market, the commercial and logistical challenges you face – and, most importantly, how to keep your customers happy.

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