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The Next Wave of Change for the Foodservice Value Chain

The foodservice value chain has been in a state of dramatic change, thanks to such trends as digitization, data science, blockchain, internet of things, robotics, automation and artificial intelligence. The global COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic crisis introduced new pressures and variables that have forced significant adaptation in the short-term – and require us to think differently about our industry so we can be better prepared for whatever challenges the future will bring.

Finding new and creative ways to adapt, solve customer problems and meet market needs in the most sustainable way requires innovative capabilities, technologies and ways of working to deliver maximum value in an increasingly complicated and uncertain environment. HAVI is committed to being a part of the next wave of change, not only in how we serve our customers, but also in the investments we make to drive innovation, evolution and revolution in our industry. We invest because we want to:

  • Continually challenge and evolve our solutions to maximize the value we provide our customers and make a difference now.
  • Identify and solve new or emerging customer challenges and needs
  • Become a leading driver of innovation for the foodservice value chain – partnering with others to reshape the future of supply chains.
How We Invest
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Core Service Innovation

We invest locally, regionally and globally in innovative technologies and capabilities that expand our footprint and enhance or amplify the value our services create for our customers today.

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We invest and partner with companies on commercial opportunities to jointly bring new capabilities, technologies, services, and business models to meet new and emerging unmet customer needs in the foodservice value chain.

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We invest directly in companies that we believe have capabilities, technologies, or emerging services that we can support, utilize and help nurture and develop. We also collaborate with venture funds who are looking at a broader range of opportunities as a strategic or operational partner.

Why Partner With Us?

HAVI’s commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions is both broad and deep. We have invested our own dollars in innovation to support both core and new services. We are dedicated to customer and persona-centric discovery, ideation and solutioning. We take an agile, designed thinking-based approach that emphasizes getting into a market, learning by doing and adapting to keep that customer problem front and center.

We recognize that we don’t and won’t have all the answers – but we believe that the best way to create value is to bring together the best capabilities, technologies and people to address problems. In doing so, we create meaningful value for our customers and other foodservice value chain stakeholders.

We bring value beyond capital. We augment our investment dollars with our expertise and global reach. Leveraging HAVI’s global capabilities and knowledge enables partners to make use of our assets, brand, customers, and data to launch earlier and scale faster.


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