Proud, Devoted, and Recognized

Proud, Devoted, and Recognized

Senior Supervisor Full Liao joined HAVI in 1993. Since then, his dedication to his job and passion for positive change have earned him recognition and plenty of job satisfaction.  

Photo of Full Liao

Full Liao, Senior Supervisor at our Taiwan Distribution Center, joined HAVI in 1993. Since then, his dedication to his job and passion for positive change have earned him promotions, awards, and plenty of job satisfaction.  

Full joined HAVI as an Order Selector. Since then, he has developed a solid foundation in warehouse operations, and has risen from his initial role to Assistant Duty Supervisor, Warehouse Supervisor, and ultimately to Senior Supervisor.  

“I am devoted to my job and take pride in what I do, and I feel like this is appreciated,” says Full. “In fact, I have had such a positive experience here that my brother and daughter have both followed my lead and joined HAVI as well.” 

Highlights from Full’s career at HAVI include acting as team leader on quality inspections for incoming goods; highlighting product defects from suppliers while helping to improve their quality standards; and giving feedback to customers. Thanks to his commitment to highlighting challenges and inspiring change, innovation, and continuous improvement, he has won awards for Best Order Selector and Best Worker.    

In Full’s experience, being recognized for hard work is the norm at HAVI. “I believe HAVI is a leader, and not just because of how we deliver value to our customers,” he says. “The company offers great benefits and development opportunities, and you are rewarded for becoming an expert. In return, everyone works hard, and together we have built a very positive and supportive working atmosphere.”