HAVI’s Electrification Journey Continues With A New Hybrid Delivery Vehicle In The Netherlands

PHEV truck on the road

HAVI’s Electrification Journey Continues With A New Hybrid Delivery Vehicle In The Netherlands

We are pleased to start 2021 on a positive note by announcing that HAVI has taken another step in its electrification journey by introducing a new plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) in the Netherlands. This new addition to our fleet aligns directly with HAVI’s sustainability strategy and our commitment to building a climate-friendly, low-carbon future.



Electrification: core to our sustainability strategy

Transport electrification is an important part of HAVI’s overall sustainability strategy, specifically when it comes to meeting our commitments on climate action and science-based targets. Introducing this PHEV is a key milestone along our sustainability journey. In 2017, we rolled out our alternative fuels’ roadmap with the intention of powering 70% of our European diesel fleet with alternative fuels by 2021. Having successfully implemented this roadmap, we have now broadened our green transport focus to include inner city deliveries, starting in Amsterdam.

Cutting carbon is not the only reason to embrace electrification. Another motivation is that a growing number of city authorities are introducing Zero Emission Zones (ZEZ), where all conventional internal combustion engines are banned, significantly limiting the type of delivery vehicles that businesses like HAVI can use.


Our electrification journey continues

HAVI’s electrification journey started almost two years ago with a joint research project in Stockholm. This project – which looked at silent and emission-free off-peak deliveries – showed a 44% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to an already reduced emission operating on renewable diesel and a 30% improvement in transport efficiency. In addition, the pilot project also gave us a detailed understanding of PHEV technology and how it fits into our day-to-day operations.

The lessons learned in Stockholm will now be applied in the Netherlands, where the new PHEV will drive between HAVI’s distribution center (DC) in Amersfoort and central Amsterdam two or three times daily.


Taking the human factor into account

As Anne-Marie Verouden, Sustainability Lead North-West Europe, points out, the vehicle ticks more than just one sustainability box. “Sustainability goes beyond cutting carbon emissions. So, it’s important to note that this new truck also addresses a number of other sustainability factors – notably the human factor. Feedback from our drivers has been very positive in a number of key areas. For example, they are proud of the compliments that the PHEV attracts from the public, particularly about how great it looks and how quietly it operates. Noise levels inside the cab are also lower and drivers work during off-peak hours, when there is less congestion on the roads. This all adds up to fewer delays, lower stress levels – and greater job satisfaction.”

The wider community also benefits from electrification, which helps to cut inner city noise levels while helping to protect people’s health by reducing air pollution and improving air quality. People’s safety is another important aspect of sustainability. With this in mind, the truck’s CornerEye Camera system is designed to reduce traffic accidents and protect road users by eliminating blind spots.


Raising sustainable operations to a new level

Commenting on the PHEV’s operational capabilities, Michiel Degen, Operations Manager, Netherlands, says: “From start to finish, this vehicle was designed with the planet and its people in mind. It will now take low-noise, temperature-controlled deliveries to the next level as we accelerate our drive towards zero emissions.”

The PHEV’s arrival in the Netherlands marks a defining moment in HAVI’s electrification partnership with Scania, which got off to a strong start with the Stockholm research project. Adds Michiel: “We are proud of the progress that our partnership has achieved since then and it remains critical to fulfilling our zero emission ambitions.”


Celebrating the power of partnership

Echoing Michiel’s assessment, Hans Binnendijk, Sustainable Solutions Manager, Scania, the Netherlands, adds: “The partnership with HAVI was one of the first of its kind and has already achieved a lot. Electrification will play a pivotal role in a sustainable transport system and our partnership with progressive customers like HAVI is important for Scania’s work with electrification since all stakeholders are very much in learning mode. Scania takes a multi-faceted approach to electrified transport that includes research into different types of bio-fueled hybrid technologies as well as fully electric vehicles and different solutions for charging. We are looking forward to achieving even more with HAVI as our shared journey reaches the Netherlands.”

In addition to collaborating with Scania, taking this major step along our electrification journey also involved working with a number of other valued partners over 18 months. Among others, they included Addvolt, Carrier, Heiwo, and Bakker. Highlighting the value of their contribution, Michiel says: “We would like to thank all of them for the professionalism and passion they brought to this project. We look forward to collaborating with them further as our electrification journey gathers momentum.”


PHEV Netherlands Features

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