Risk Mitigation Delivers Unexpected Benefits

Risk Mitigation Delivers Unexpected Benefits
Executive Summary

After a supplier failure compromised quality and threatened its reputation, Chick-fil-A turned to HAVI to mitigate future supply risks. Not only did we meet the brief – but we also delivered unexpected cost and network benefits.

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Business Problem

Chick-fil-A recently experienced a quality issue that threatened its production, sales – and brand reputation.

It quickly tracked the root cause to a defective ingredient shipment that fed into seven separate manufacturing sites, making it difficult for the supplier to trace and recall affected material.

Chick-fil-A turned to HAVI to prevent future quality disruptions that pose such serious health and reputational risks.

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The fact that HAVI was able to deliver a resolution in just one week for a major quality disruption was extremely impressive. HAVI used its data and analytics expertise to produce a plan that also reduced our costs and increased our service levels significantly.

Mike Ledford , Director, Supply Chain Sourcing, Program Management and Inventory Management, Chick-fil-A

Working to an extremely tight timescale, HAVI presented a long-term solution to that didn’t stop at cutting risks but exceeded Chick-fil-A’s urgent brief.

Typically, mitigating risks adds cost. But HAVI speedily implemented a solution that unexpectedly helped to cut costs while increasing service levels.

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Benefits/Return on Investment

Normally, risk mitigation increases costs. However, drawing on decades of experience in managing supply chain issues, the HAVI team quickly implemented a solution that mitigated risk while helping Chick-fil-A to cut costs and increase service levels.

Service Improvements

More efficient network contributes to higher service levels

Network Savings OR Fuel Savings

Shorter delivery distance saves fuel while ensuring restaurants receive fresher product

Efficiency And Cost Benefits

A more efficient network delivers added value, with significant annual savings

Long-Term Solution

Five-year plan for mitigating future risk