Everyone Brings Something

Everyone Brings Something

Historically the Supply Chain sector has attracted more men than women. This is largely due to the amount of physical labor required in traditional logistics environments. However, this has evolved significantly in recent years, and the times when logistics meant only physical labor are now over. Doro Hilbig explains.

Doro Hilbig


Equally equipped

Today HAVI is focused on digitalization, automation, process design, supply chain design, efficiency increases, and innovation, as well as leadership and team building. These are all topics that are by no means gender specific. Women and men are equally well equipped to tackle these challenging subjects and bring value to our business.

We are actively working to promote and develop the work of women in all areas of our business and set an example for others in our industry to follow. For example, in Germany, we recently built a new team for central route planning, which currently includes four women and four men. So far the team has found that having diverse perspectives is helping them devise better solutions. Doro Hilbig, Specialist Central Route Planning / Operations / Team Transport, is a member of this successful young team.

Growth and development

Doro became passionate about logistics during her studies. She went on to earn a bachelor's degree in Logistics Management and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. After spending five years working in the refrigerated transport sector, Doro joined HAVI in 2019 in search of a new and bigger challenge.

Working in a mixed team is a new experience for Doro. “In many companies, women are still rare in logistics departments,” she says. “During my studies there were just four other female students and at my former employer I was the only woman. Here at HAVI I am working with more women than men for the first time!”

So far, Doro is finding that the mix works well. “Our team works together closely and we have a good team spirit. Because we are a relatively young team, we always discuss individual work steps and coordinate very well internally. I don't see any difference between the men and women in our department – everybody brings something to the table.”

Encourgaing women

Doro believes that the benefits her team sees are just the beginning of what could be possible if more women join the field. She says, “By placing women in ‘typical male positions,’ employers can rethink their approach and processes can be adapted more easily to new challenges. I hope that HAVI’s commitment to providing equal opportunities and embedding diversity and equal opportunities in our corporate philosophy will inspire more women to pursue a career in logistics.”

October 2020