Ensuring A Fresh Produce LTO Succeeds

Ensuring A Fresh Produce LTO Succeeds
Executive Summary

Limited time offers (LTO) involving fresh produce present their own complex challenges. But HAVI helped a quick-service restaurant (QSR) beat the most-likely sales forecasts for this unique (LTO).featuring a popular, healthy, branded fresh produce item.

Business Problem

A leading QSR planned a national LTO featuring a fresh produce item that was popular with its target market. But procuring the item and ensuring supply to restaurants presented challenges.

The item was only available from a single-sourced supplier location; it was picked, packed and shipped whole; and it had a short shelf life. Also: the LTO happened in winter, so bad weather was another risk.

Clearly, putting contingency plans in place to prevent supply disruption was imperative.

Fresh Produce

Our supply chain and promotions management experts immersed themselves in the QSR’s system. Their comprehensive testing and contingency planning, collaborative relationship with the supplier, and constant communication helped win the customer’s trust and achieve unbroken supply throughout the LTO.

Fresh Produce in Warehouse
Benefits/Return on Investment
Successful Order Fulfillment

Unbroken supply and 100 percent order fulfillment

First of it's Kind Offering

Lower freight costs; 25 percent fewer weekly truckloads; shorter delivery times

Cost Savings

The QSR delivered against its promotional calendar; maintained its reputation for assured supply; and kept its promise to provide premium giveaways

Solid Sales Results

Sales tracked above the most-likely forecast for majority of the promotion; sales volatility did not affect overall average sales