Delivering Promotional Premiums On Time, Every Time

Delivering Promotional Premiums On Time, Every Time
Executive Summary

A quick-service restaurant (QSR) chain asked HAVI to help it integrate, automate and optimize the import of millions of promotional premiums annually. HAVI’s solution enabled the QSR to save over 1,200 man-hours annually on logistics – and still keep its customers happy.

Business Problem

A major QSR chain has built its reputation among U.S. customers by promising to give away millions of imported promotional premiums annually.

Keeping its promise means coordinating logistics through 22 manufacturers, 29 ports of origin and six destination ports with delivery to 11 master warehouses for 15+ promotions annually.

For years, the chain used Excel-based spreadsheets to manage these logistics manually. To protect its reputation, it urgently needed a solution to integrate, automate and optimize them.

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Ultimately, HAVI helped the customer create a more integrated, optimized and efficient supply chain that is agile enough to respond to changing business conditions, keep its customers’ trust – and protect its reputation.

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Benefits/Return on Investment

Integrating software with process while leveraging real-time data helped the restaurant chain shift its focus from tactical day-to-day logistics management details to insights and trends. This information shapes strategic decisions that drive the supply chain.

Promoted Greater Collaboration

Providing greater visibility across the supply chain aligned external partners and resources more closely with timelines and budgets

Saved Time & Resources

Automating shipment optimization helped save more than 1,200 man-hours annually

Reduced Costs

Streamlining shipping logistics cut annual freight costs significantly

Protected the Brand

HAVI enabled the restaurant chain to deliver on its promise to provide premium giveaways to its consumers – always