Cheers to Less Confusion and Waste; More Happy Customers

Cheers to Less Confusion and Waste; More Happy Customers
Executive Summary

New interchangeable lid helps a QSR reduce packaging costs by 15 percent.

Business Problem

A leading QSR wanted to reduce waste, maximize storage and make it easier to serve customers quickly. One area for improvement were the array of beverage lids available large cold beverages. The chain had two large cups, each a different size at the top, and three corresponding lids. Crew members and customers would select the wrong lid which slowed service and increased waste.

many fast food drink lids

HAVI designed a single lid that could be used on any large cold beverage making it easier for crew members and customers to identify and select the right lid.

close-up of hand holding soft drink cup with lid and straw
Benefits/Return on Investment
Reduced inventory

By reducing the number of lid styles in restaurants the QSR was able to optimize space behind counters and at self-serve drink fountains.

Improved efficiency

Because the lid can be used any cup, it’s easy for crew members and customers to select the right lid.

Lowered costs

Fewer discarded lids means less wasted inventory. And, the new lid weighs less so the QSR enjoyed sourcing and production cost savings of 13-15 percent.

Increased customer satisfaction

By simplifying the lid choices, HAVI helped the QSR chain enhance the customer experience and reduce complaints.