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Supplies Savings Through Smart Sourcing
Executive Summary

A centralized management of Operating Supplies provides customers with a broad range of products at the best price, thanks to HAVI’s best-in-class sourcing expertise and proven business model that drives value through efficiencies while managing potential risk.

Business Problem

A QSR brand was sourcing Operating Supplies locally across multiple countries in Europe. The existing approach involved multiple suppliers and dozens of sourcing activities in multiple countries. Given the limited visibility and resource constraints, a strategic, centralized approach to sourcing Operating Supplies was essential to unlocking more value across a broad geography.

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HAVI managed the sourcing of Operating Supplies across multiple countries, freeing up customer resources to focus on the core business. We used our broad category experience to drive supplier management activities, including compliance management and establishing a framework for future events, such as contingency sourcing solutions and capacity allocation. HAVI ultimately drove savings and quality control by bundling volumes.​

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Benefits/Return on Investment
Saving and Efficiency

Centralized management of Operating Supplies drove real value through savings and efficiencies.

Average Total Savings

18% average total savings delivered through ​RFP negotiations and supplier/specification efficiencies.

Total Savings

$8.5MM in total savings delivered across participating countries.