HAVI Helps Prime the “Pump” for a Successful U.S. Syrup Launch - Cloned

HAVI Helps Prime the “Pump” for a Successful U.S. Syrup Launch
Executive Summary

Affordable, effective stock packaging solutions to help a bakery supplier bring a branded product to market in the United States.

Business Problem

A leading international bakery supplier wanted to launch its own line of sauces for bakeries and cafes. They needed a package that would meet the needs of foodservice outlets, be well received by end users, and fit existing production and distribution capabilities.

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HAVI’s team analyzed their needs and sourced resin-based, blow-molded, opaque stock bottles that could be made to match the supplier’s flavors and that fit the footprint of existing manufacturing facilities. To elevate the product, they designed a custom label and identified a pump that would be easy to use and cut down on waste.

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Benefits/Return on Investment
Scalable packaging

HAVI designed a solution that was affordable and could be launched quickly as well as highly customized, branded long-term solutions.

Speed to Market

Utilizing an extensive supplier network, HAVI was able to quickly bring forth a solution so the bakery could bring the flavors to the U.S.

Cost Savings

Stock packaging solutions facilitated a fast go-to-market strategy and eliminated the need for customized and costly bottles.